Add A Custom Carport With An Awning

Add A Custom Carport With An Awning

When someone mentions “awnings,” you probably think only of the awnings over windows or the sprawling cover that offers shade on a patio or deck. However, awnings and canopies can serve other purposes, as well.

One great option is to add a protected parking space for your vehicles with a permanent or retractable awning.

If you don’t have a garage at your home or would like to offer covered parking areas at your business, a canopy could be the perfect option.

A more cost-effective solution than building a standalone structure, awnings can often be easily added quickly and efficiently, allowing you to make a quick improvement at your property.

Extended from the side of your building, an awning can offer protection during different times of the year and add value and convenience to your structure.

During the hot summer months, the shade provided by a canopy can protect your car from baking in the sun, helping to keep your paint job looking pristine and prevent it from baking to unbearable internal temperatures.

In the winter, the awning can reduce the amount of snow on your car, giving you a few extra minutes to enjoy coffee in the morning instead of scraping off snow and ice.

Awnings connected to your home can also help keep you dry in passing showers and thunderstorms.

Why race to your car in hopes of not getting wet when you can just walk out under your protected awning?

Plus, with our diverse range of color and pattern options, and even custom graphic design capabilities, you can easily make your new covering match your existing décor or provide a tasteful accent color for your home or business.

For more on custom carport awnings and canopies, contact JM Finley LLC today.

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