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An Introduction to Solar Screen Shades

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Have you ever wanted to be able to watch out your window while also having the shade down to block out the harmful rays? Well Solar Screen Shades are your answer. These revolutionary shades have been developed to block out harmful rays but allow you to see out the window to what is on the other side. These screens come in many different varieties but they all have the same purpose.

Solar Screen Shades have a translucent appearance from the inside of your home and from the outside it blocks the light from getting in. You can keep your house or business cool while also being able to see what people are doing outside. Because there are different varieties there are also different colors.

Most shades have a different color on the inside and outside so you can match your interior and exterior and not create an eyesore. Dark colored shades are used to control the glare of the windows and block 94%-96% of sun light. These shades are darker in color and can lend itself well to most applications.  Light colored shades allow more light in but are effective in blocking out heat. Lighter shades look more like a thicker drapery but still have a flowing feel.

Solar Shades can either be manual or automatic. The manual ones are much like what you already have on your windows in that you have to physically move them but automatic shades can be moved with the touch of a button. This can turn any hot box into a cool oasis in minutes.