What Color Awnings Are Better For Shading From The Sun

What Color Awnings Are Better For Shading From The Sun

If you are looking at buying an awning in the near future for your home or business, the protection from the sun is most likely the main reason for buying.

Whether you are looking to increase or decrease the effects of the sun throughout the year – proper color choice is key.

There are so many color and fabric styles available on the market, we want to give you some of the best ideas to shield yourself or your guests from the sun’s rays.

The best choice for reflecting the sun would be to choose a light color like white or a light gray.

By choosing a light color it will also help you keep the sun away from the window and not allow it to heat up the window either.

This means that you can reduce the amount of time that your air conditioner is running this summer.

Another factor for your choice of color should, of course, be what matches your home or business best. You should choose a color or pattern that complements the structure it will be on.

If you have a more contemporary home or business you should choose a nice, bright contrasting pattern. If you have a modern home or business then we recommend a more simple style and solid color fabric.

If you want to choose a bright striped pattern to shade the sun, there are a few things to consider. Small stripes may look a bit too busy on a large awning and the exact opposite can happen with large stripes on a smaller awning.

Wide stripes can almost overwhelm a smaller awning and the location it is placed on.

If you are interested in adding an awning to your home or business contact JM Finley at 610-505-5907 today, and we will help you find the best awning to shade you from the sun.

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