How High Should Your Awning Be Above An Outdoor BBQ Station?

How High Should Your Awning Be Above An Outdoor BBQ Station?

Who doesn’t like to have a great BBQ going on a summer night? We know that we do.

The question is, however, with an awning, how high should you install it above your grill or BBQ station?

There are a few easy to follow tips that we will cover in this post to help you out.

If you are planning out your yard and looking for the perfect placement for your barbeque island oasis, you want to include in your plans a place for the awning.

The most important factor is that you allow enough space between the grill and the area you position the awning so that you do not overheat any combustible material.

There should be enough ventilation to reduce the risk of fire.

If there are any splashes coming from your cooking – the grease and smoke tend to rise up from the grill.

You do not want to locate your BBQ station in an enclosed area like a garage, shed or breezeway or under a sealed overhead structure, like an awning that has a closure around it.

Keeping your awning open will be the best solution for keeping your home safe from fire.

If you live in an area where you have to run changes to your home past an HOA, they may have another set of rules for how high the awning should be from the ground or distance between a grill and an awning.

You may also want to consider adding another foot or two to your original plans as well. This will help reduce any damage to the materials of the awning.

This extra ventilation will help from these grill elements possibly staining the materials of your awning.

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