Key Signs It’s Time to Update Your Business Logo

Is Your Logo Outdated? How Do You Know, and When Do You Decide To Change It?

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Your company logo is the mark of your brand. It is the one thing about your business that is most easily recognized over time. Your logo creates the personality of your brand, and is what customers, and potential customers, will most readily connect with when they think of your  business. Companies spend a lot of time and money on creating the perfect logo, and then marketing that logo until it becomes synonymous with the company name.

But is there ever a time when your logo should be changed or updated? And if so, what factors determine when that decision should be made?

When Your Logo No Longer Appeals to a Modern Generation

If your company logo makes your company’s brand look outdated and behind the times, it may be time for a change. Nowadays, consumers are extremely discriminating , and they will notice that your logo is from a lost world, in the past. Outdated logos are as easy to recognize in this age of technology, as it would be to recognize a house decorated in the 70’s. If you still have a thriving and successful company, and look forward to embracing the future, but haven’t changed your logo in decades; now is the time to consider a more modern and innovative design.

 When Your Logo No Longer Represents Your Company

 Successful companies evolve naturally, and your branding must follow that evolution. As your company grows and expands, your logo should be a representation of who you are Now. You may have added products and services that you didn’t have when you first began doing business; if this is the case, then it is most likely the time to reexamine whether or not, your current logo, still shows the world who you are as a business.

When Your Logo Design Hasn’t Kept Up with Current Marketing and Branding Trends

Your company may still be offering the same products and services, but maybe your marketing and branding strategies have changed. Maybe you are focusing on a new and different demographic. If so, it is highly possible that your logo no longer matches these new trends. If you are now marketing to, and attempting to reach a younger audience, your logo will need to reflect that significant change.

How Can You Keep Your Current Logo, Fresh and Relevant?

If you have a successful logo that is still working for your business, there are ways to maintain that success. Keeping your logo design simple; and saying a lot with a little, is key. Elaborate designs, incorporating a lot of symbols, letters, or words, can be tricky, and become outdated easily, or simply be confusing to your main demographic. Take some time and work with a professional branding company to be certain that your logo, though simplistic, encompasses all of the products and services you offer.


It is best to think simple, effective, and memorable, like MTV’s logo, and the Target brand; two of the most successful and recognizable logos that remain fresh, modern, and highly effective.




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