Why You Should Get A Second Floor Awning

Why You Should Get A Second Floor Awning

Although they aren’t as common today, many homes a long time ago used to be built with two porch areas located on the first and second floors.

Now today, many homeowners have awnings for the first level porch areas but if your home is one with a second-floor porch, getting a permanent awning to that would be a great addition.

First off, it would create another cool hangout spot in your home because the awning would provide shade to prevent the sun and its heat from beating down on you while you were on the porch.

You would be able to hang out under there while it rained because the awning would keep everyone dry.

Also, during the summer, a lot more people eat outside because of the good conditions.

However, with that come unwanted guests in the form of bugs that could potentially ruin a meal.

If you got an awning on the second floor, you would be away from the grass and those pests and be able to enjoy your meal.

It’s also no secret the higher you are, the more you can see around you. So having a second-floor porch would allow you to see more of your area or city. However, it can be hard to see with the sun in your face.

With an awning over the porch, you would be able to sit back and take in all the sights your surrounding area has to offer.

JM Finley offers designing, manufacturing and installation of awnings for homes in Glen Mills, Pennsylvania. Whether you’re looking for a permanent awning for your back porch or second-floor deck, we have got you covered.

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